15th Feb – 23rd June 2019

This installation showcases the first key output of my new sculptural vocabulary, utilising a modular system of 200 identical wooden planks as oversized building blocks that explore patterning and geometry in three-dimensional space as I would have in print.

Each plank has been scaled to the ratio of 1:3:15, and is stained in five complementary tones. Through various combinations of colour, form and accumulation, I’ve explored the diverse structural and rhythmic possibilities of a single unit’s repetitive use.

The visible grain of the wooden planks highlight their raw materiality, leaving no illusions about the structures’ solid mass and weight. Using gravity and direct contact as primary methods of construction, the outcomes remain unfixed, leaving open the possibility of reconfiguration and re-application.

Here, the result is an abstract series of ambiguous structures, but later they may be constructed into a pavilion, or form a set to host a performance.

Photography by Richard Gaston