WATERWORKS, Anderston Station and COP26, 2021

In partnership with Glasgow City Council and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative. Delivered with Wave Particle, Civic Engineers and Urban Movement

The project used street art and community engagement to transform the entrance to Anderston Station, Glasgow, and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. The design was inspired by Glasgow’s water systems and the environmental challenges the city faces with excessive rain and water runoff. The site included the introduction of an experimental raingarden — an attractive, sustainable way to process excess water, provide additional biodiversity and bring a greater sense of place to city centre streetscapes. Glasgow joined a select group of international cities supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies to transform and revitalise public spaces through the power of art. The Waterworks design was rolled out at various events and buses across the city for COP 26 to promote the project.

Asphaltart.bloomberg.org | Glasgowwaterworks.com